A Call For Common-Sense Gun Laws

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I just sent the following letter to President Trump, Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan:

Dear President Trump, Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell

It a time that you broke your blood oath with the NRA. For once do something meaningful for the country. Fix the gun problem. The second amendment allows for states to form militias (we have National Guards) it does not say anything about individuals being a militia unto themselves (in spite of the convoluted District of Columbia V. Heller ruling).

I grew up in Wyoming and have owned a gun and hunted extensively when I was younger. I have always been in favor of common senses rules with regard to guns. These include:

1. A ban on all assault weapons – weapons designed specifically for the sole purpose of killing people.
2. Require that the ATF track all gun purchases by individuals
3. A ban on semi-automatic and automatic weapons
4. A requirment that individuals have a license to own and use a gun and only for sporting purposes
5. No guns for the mentally ill.

Australia fixed their gun problem. Let’s fix ours!


Last Updated on October 14, 2017 by Stephen Chapel