A Psychological Profile of Mr Trump

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I published a blog post shortly after Trump was elected 2016. It contains a letter to the editor published September 2016 in the Sublette Examiner, is a local Pinedale Wyoming newspaper.

The letter is worth reading. It contains a psychological profile of Mr. Trump written by a 91 year-old teacher whose specialty was emotionally and temperamentally disturbed children. She concludes that ”

  • Donald Trump fits nicely into the symptoms of that category, He is an egotist, a blatant narcissist and a definite sociopath who lies without realization or conscience. He is not realistic or genuine. This is not news. He has been that way for all his life and in all his selfish dealings. 
  • I am so sorry this clown appeared on the stage and won with lies and racist and sexist comments and that Perhaps if we close our eyes, he will disappear, but that is just wishful thinking. We must go out and vote to make it happen.

Link to the Letter: Disturbed Children — Like Trump

Vote, Our Democracy Depends On It!


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