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Frank Bruni, NYT’s Opinion Columnist, April 17, 2019. Well Said:

Do you — does anyone — really need the work of Mueller and his team to come to a conclusion about …  [Donald Trump’s presidency]? How important is evidence not yet revealed when so much of what Trump does is conspicuous, when the essence of his character is proudly unhidden? You know it from his words, spoken and tweeted and intemperate to the point of viciousness. You know it from his aides, current and former, whose nagging senses of patriotism and propriety lead them to leak about the extreme requests that he has made and that they have thwarted.

You know it in your bones.

And that’s the problem with the Mueller obsession. It implies that Trump is defined by whether he actively conspired with Russian officials to attain power. It suggests that the jury on his integrity is out, that the puzzle of his full nature is unsolved.

Are there missing pieces, without which exact degrees of malfeasance can’t be determined? Yes. And some of them will probably be missing forever.

But they’re not necessary, not to appraise him morally as opposed to criminally.

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