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The Trump Counterpoints blog is dedicated to offering alternatives to the Trump version of reality, a reality that is constrained by facts and evidence only when convenient.

As of August 2017 I have broadened my objectives. This is the result of recent events where Trump has shown his true colors — see Liberty and Justice For All:

Recent and past behavior demonstrates that he:

  1. does not understand what public service means,
  2. does not stand for the greater good,
  3. lacks understanding of what our national government actually does,
  4. supports and condones the criminal activity of reprehensible groups and leaders
  5. is a bigot and a racist
  6. is clearly amoral and unfit to be president

My objectives are:

  • when appropriate expose the false claims of fact and the illogic that underlie his statements, executive actions/orders and policy directions
  • provide alternative points of view and support those views with evidence, facts and logic
  • promote discussion of the directions that Trump may be taking us
  • help to expose Trump for what he is

Elizabeth Warren: Know this: we will resist; we will persist; and we will overcome.

Stephen Chapel
Palo Alto CA