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Barr’s Summary of Mueller Report

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David Leonhardt – NYT Op-Ed Columnist, on the Barr summary of the Mueller Report

William Barr did a skillful job of managing the news media this weekend. He released a four-page letter summarizing Robert Mueller’s investigation, which rightly received blanket coverage

[but] it was very much a political document.

Barr … made clear that he felt some disdain for the Mueller investigation — especially about whether Trump obstructed justice.

“The Barr summary did its job: control the narrative and turn ‘not enough to charge on this’ into ‘no issues with Russia ever,’” as Tom Nichols, a national security expert, wrote.

Susan Hennessey of Lawfare put it this way: “It is possible that the report really does say that there is no evidence. It’s also possible there’s a mountain of evidence just short of the criminal standard. Or something in between. Any of that would be consistent with Barr’s summary.”

Read the full article which includes details and 10 key question that remain to be answered.

Also see the arguments behind Three Takeaways From the Barr Letter:

  1. Barr should release much more information.
  2. Trump critics should keep an open mind on Russia.
  3. Trump is unfit for office.