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Question For Trump Supporters

Published / by Stephen Chapel

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A December 2 letter to the editor published by The San Jose California Mercury News poses questions for all all those who voted for Trump and are now disappointed: “Self-examination: Trump Supporters Should Ask Themselves Why.”

Mercury News Letters to the Editor for December 2, 2020:  Self Examination

Here are the main points:

  • In Santa Clara County approximately 618,000 voted for Joe Biden / Kamala Harris and 215,000 for Donald Trump / Mike Pence.
  • While the writer is gratified that Trump was crushed, he is dismayed that so many voted for him.
  • The writer suggests that the trump voters ask themselves: “am I a raciest? A misogynist? a con man? A liar? An ignoramus? Do I not care about our country’s democracy?”
  • The writer then states: “I am sure your answers will all be negative [for some questions I am not so sure]. In which case please consider that in voting for Trump you supported a man who embodies all of these qualities that you don’t tolerate in yourselves. But there will be progress if Trump voters acknowledge that they made a mistake and will think hard the next time they consider supporting candidates like Trump ….”