It’s About Race & It’s About The Economy

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A Mother Jones article (Novemeber / December 2018), “The Most Important Election of Our  Lives,” argues that Donald Trump’s clock is running out and this is no time for progressives to be timid about sayings so.

The “deplorables” may be forever out of reach to progressives, but does it matter? They always have been. The center right isn’t. and a cool-headed look at the best evidence suggests that most voters who fall into that camp won’t be turned off by a vigorous approach to either progressive values on race or progressive proposals for the economy. Needless to say, this is also the approach most likely to increase progressive turnout, especially among women and people of color who were most distressed by Trump’s victory in the first place.

Race & Immigration – Gallop

Gallup finds that a record high 75% of Americans say immigration is a good thing.

The highlights from this June 2018 report report that: Three-quarters of Americans think immigration is a good thing; 65% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents agree: 39% say immigration should be kept at present level, 28% say increased.

The Economy – Mother Jones

…Trump’s right-wing economic populism has gotten little traction. Economists overwhelmingly agree Trump’s trade war will hurt the economy, and the public is decidedly tepid about his tariffs; only 16% of Americans think they will help the economy. Last year’s tax cut for corporations and the wealthy has bombed as well. Unpopular from the start, the law is supported by barely more than a third of the voters.



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