Mueller – The Essential Facts

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From Mother Jones 7/24 On The Mueller Testimony:

But here’s the biggest takeaway you might not see elsewhere in the media: The man tasked with pursuing a criminal investigation of the president of the United States spelled out for Congress that the highest officeholder in the land betrayed the country he was sworn to serve.

Mueller didn’t say those words, but David Corn, our Washington bureau chief, does in summarizing the facts of the case as they were laid out, in great detail, from Mueller’s report and testimony: “A US election was hijacked. Trump stood by as it happened and profited from it. And ever since he has attempted to cover up this original sin of his presidency.”

David points out that Mueller was cautious in his choice of words, as everyone expected him to be. But, he notes, “In the quiet way of an institutionalist who respects norms and rules, Mueller made it clear: Trump engaged in treachery.”

Those are the facts.

Trump may scream otherwise (in fact, even as Mueller testified under oath, his campaign blasted out an email claiming, “NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION, COMPLETE AND TOTAL EXONERATION!”), but David and the rest of our newsroom will stay focused on the truth, every single day with everything we’ve got.

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Today was a good day for the truth, and there will be more of those to come.

Thanks for reading, and for everything you do to advance truth and transparency.

Monika Bauerlein, CEO
Mother Jones

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