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To: Sens. Jeff Flake, John McCain, Bob Corker and Susan Collins. From: Robert Reich

Senators, I write you not as a Democrat reaching out to Republicans, or as a former Cabinet member making a request of sitting senators. I write you as a patriotic American concerned about the peril now facing our democracy, asking you to exercise your power to defend it. A foreign power has attacked our democratic institutions and, according to American intelligence, continues to do so. Yet the president of the United States is unwilling to fully acknowledge this, or aggressively stop it. Most of your Republican colleagues in the Senate will not force his hand. As a result, because your party has control of the Senate, there is no effective check on the president — or on Vladimir Putin.

If just two of you changed parties — becoming independent and caucusing with the Democrats — the Republican Party would no longer have a majority in the Senate. The Senate would become a check on the president, as the framers of the Constitution envisioned it would be. And the president could be forced to defend the United States, as the framers intended. I implore you to do so.

Robert Reich

Last Updated on July 30, 2018 by Stephen Chapel