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Healthcare and Coal Mining Employment

Published / by Stephen

I don’t know why I try to write posts. All I have to do is read Krugman and add links to his posts. Here are are two of the latest (coal mining employment has been on my to-do list. Krugman beat me to it – he is the man):

The Republican Replacement for the Affordable Care Act

Let’s Fix The Coal Mining Employment Problem



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Krugman Links – Updated Feb 4

Published / by Stephen

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Donald the Menace Feb 3

Building a Wall of Ignorance Jan 31

Making The Rust Belt Rustier Jan 27

Border Tax Two-Step Jan 27

Reagan, Trump, and Manufacturing Jan 25

The Opposite of Carnage Jan 21





Trump’s Fake Employment Policy

Published / by Stephen

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My favorite Keynesian has another good piece on Trump and the media. In speaking to the Carrier deal and more broadly to employment in general  Krugman argues that these interventions are in fact fake policy that have little effect and are getting far too much attention in the news media:

…it may have sounded as if Mr. Trump was doing something substantive by intervening with Carrier, but he wasn’t. This was fake policy — a show intended to impress the rubes, not to achieve real results.