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Delusional Donald

Published / by Stephen

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“We are going to win so much.”

  • But is lying about the size of the inauguration crowd relative to the crowd size of the Women’s March winning?
  • Is lying by asserting that 3 to 4 million people voted illegality winning?
  • Is starting a trade war with our two biggest export markets (Canada and Mexico) winning?
  • Is lying by asserting that the media is responsible for the dust-up with the intelligence community winning?
  • Is blowing up the deficit by 10 trillion dollars winning?
    Congressional Budget Office.
  • Is excluding all groups but white males and their subservient spouses winning?
  • Is picking a fight with NATO winning?
  • Is lying about the number of jobs (thousands)  created by restarting the pipeline projects winning?
    When finished the number of jobs will be 10 to 20. During construction most of the jobs are high skill, for which there is no shortage, and the number will not be in the thousands.
  • Is gutting regulatory protections from corporate malfeasance winning?

Donald does not get it. It is not about winning. It is about serving all of the people. Is delusional lying an impeachable offense? I believe it is if such lying is used to justify policy and executive actions and orders.