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Corporate Welfare

Published / by Stephen

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The Trump Carrier deal is about  800 workers, at most, in a nation of 145 million workers. It is hard to put big numbers in perspective. I struggle with this all the time. However to put 800 jobs in perspective consider the following:

  • 1% (or 1 in 100) is 1,450,000.
  • One in 1,000 is 145,000.
  • one in 10,000 is 14,500.
  • One in 100,000 is 1,450.

So saving 800 jobs is like saving something less than 1 in 100,000 jobs. Presidents usually focus on policies that move unemployment by 1% or 0.5% not in the range of .001% to .01%. Trump is indeed shooting small by a factor of 100 to 1000. And at what cost – could the money be better spent?

Pivot to Russia

Published / by Stephen

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It is hard to understand the logic behind Trump’s pivot from China and Towards Russia.

China a country with almost unlimited human capital and a rapidly growing and diverse economy. They are an important trading partner and an important player in the security of the far east. Russia on the other hand is a weak economy largely based on oil and gas exports and lacking in human capital.

It appears that we are pivoting from a strong trading partner to one that is weak at best. In addition we are embracing a country that is geopolitically dangerous with proven aggressive and ruthless actions against western democracies and with a track record of supporting authoritarian regimes.

What could possibly motivate such a decision?