Trump Subverting The Rule of Law

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From the New York Magazine: Paul Ryan Is the Silent Partner in Trump’s War on the Rule of Law

Here is the last paragraph. The article is eye-opening.

And now, Trump and his allies are circulating absurd lies about the Department of Justice in order to enable the administration to avoid any accountability to the rule of law. The heart of this campaign is the chamber Ryan controls. It is not only or even primarily Devin Nunes, The Wall Street Journal editorial page, and Fox & Friends that are marching into the fever swamps. The invisible man at front of the march is Paul Ryan.

David Leonhardt, an Op-Ed Columnist for the NYTs has more on Trump and the “Rule of Law:”

We now know — thanks to Michael Schmidt and Maggie Haberman of The Times — that Trump did try to subvert the rule of law. In June, he issued an order to fire Mueller, with three silly justifications (including the fact Mueller once quit Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va.).



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