Trump’s No Deals

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Again facts from Robert Reich: Donald Trump during a Republican debate: “I know deals, I think, better than anybody knows deals.”

Robert Reich in a July 8 , 2018 blog post: “Rubbish. So far, Trump has made no deals at all, and the ones he thinks he’s made have unraveled.” — The no deal list is impressive:

  • The Reality He has no deal with North Korea.
  • Trump has no trade deals, either. Instead, he’s launched simultaneous trade wars with Europe, China, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Trump has no deal on Iran, either. No deal on Syria. No deal on the Qatar blockade. No deal on Israel and the Palestinians.
  • Trump has no deal on climate change. He simply pulled out of the Paris accords.
  • No deal with the Group of 7 leading economic powers. He merely refused to sign the communiqué his own team had agreed to
  • No deal with NATO countries on increasing their military spending.
  • He got no deal on replacing the Affordable Care Act, so Trump is quietly repealing it administratively. At least 5 million people will lose coverage.
  • No deal on gun control.
  • No deal on DACA or immigration.
  • The tax deal wasn’t really Trump’s – it was a deal between the Republican Senate and Republican House, with Trump bloviating from the sidelines.

One of the biggest cons from the biggest conman to occupy the Oval Office is that he’s a dealmaker.

He’s not. All he really knows is how to bully friends, stage photo ops with enemies, and claim victory.

Last Updated on July 16, 2018 by Stephen Chapel