Unfit To Be President

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By leaking intelligence and the intelligence sources’ location to the Russians, Trump once again demonstrates that he is unfit to be president. He does not care about employment or healthcare or immigration. He does not care about the greater good. He only uses these issues to score points with his base. His sole motivation is self-aggrandizement. He is a 7 year-old parading as an adult

Maybe even worse, by continuing to support Trump in the face of all the evidence that he is unfit to lead, many republicans are demonstrating that they too do not care about the greater good. These republications seem to only care about power and are thus unfit to represent.

David Brooks has a good piece in today’s New York Times, When the World Is Lead by Child. Here are selected exerts:

At base, Trump is an infantalist. There are three tasks that most mature adults have sort of figured out by the time they hit 25. Trump has mastered none of them. Immaturity is becoming the dominant note of his presidency, lack of self-control his leitmotif.

His inability to focus his attention makes it hard for him to learn and master facts. He is ill informed about his own policies and tramples his own talking points. It makes it hard to control his mouth.

Trump seems to need perpetual outside approval to stabilize his sense of self, so he is perpetually desperate for approval, telling heroic fabulist tales about himself.

[concerning leaked secrets] From all we know so far, Trump didn’t do it because he is a Russian agent, or for any malevolent intent. He did it because he is sloppy, because he lacks all impulse control, and above all because he is a 7-year-old boy desperate for the approval of those he admires. …The Russian leak story reveals one other thing, the dangerousness of a hollow man.

“We badly want to understand Trump, to grasp him,” David Roberts writes in Vox. “It might give us some sense of control, or at least an ability to predict what he will do next. But what if there’s nothing to understand? What if there is no there there?”

Last Updated on May 16, 2017 by Stephen Chapel