Trump & Republicans – Unfit To Govern – Part 2

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I am starting a new “Unfit To Govern post. The original post was getting long.

HuffPost 3/20/2020: Trump Responds To Question About Coronavirus Fears By Bashing ‘Terrible Reporter’

Washington Post Opinion, Stuart Stevens 3/18/2020: Republicans like me built this moment. Then we looked the other way

Stuart Stevens is a writer and Republican political consultant who has advised a pro-Bill Weld super PAC in the 2020 election. His book about the Republican Party, “It Was All A Lie,” will be published next month.

What is happening now is the inevitable result of a party that embraced fear, weaponized xenophobia and regarded facts as dangerous, left-wing landmines that must be avoided.

Yes, elections have consequences. Those of us in the Republican Party built this moment. Now the nation must live with those consequences

Last Updated on March 22, 2020 by Stephen Chapel