Trump & Republicans – Unfit To Govern – Part 2

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I am starting a new “Unfit To Govern post. The original post was getting long.

HuffPost 3/20/2020: Trump Responds To Question About Coronavirus Fears By Bashing ‘Terrible Reporter’

Washington Post Opinion, Stuart Stevens 3/18/2020: Republicans like me built this moment. Then we looked the other way

Stuart Stevens is a writer and Republican political consultant who has advised a pro-Bill Weld super PAC in the 2020 election. His book about the Republican Party, “It Was All A Lie,” will be published next month.

What is happening now is the inevitable result of a party that embraced fear, weaponized xenophobia and regarded facts as dangerous, left-wing landmines that must be avoided.

Yes, elections have consequences. Those of us in the Republican Party built this moment. Now the nation must live with those consequences